Leveraging Amazon Connect to immediately meet urgent call demands and remote workforce requirements.

The number one trending topic these days is the Corona Virus COVID-19. You can’t escape the stories on Facebook, news or radio.  It is all the talk in communities, businesses of every size, basically any group gathering.  Cases continue to be identified around the globe, with some areas being more impacted than others, and it’s likely that more cases will be confirmed in the United States in the coming days. We’ve witnessed the cancellation of major global and national events and travel bans internationally with precautions now being strongly advised in the US. 

Business response and continuity is top of mind for organizations as they send employees home to self-quarantine, offices shut down and the need to implement a remote workforce rapidly rises- simply to avoid the possibility of spreading the virus.  In particular, healthcare providers, travel agencies and airlines are dealing with a huge influx of customer calls.  Many of these organizations are finding they’re not prepared to handle the overflow and increased call volume that is quickly ramping up as quarantines are put into place and panic increases.  

We at VoiceFoundry are focused on helping you navigate this urgent situation and ensuring you have the right tools to meet the increasing demands surrounding the COVID-19 situation. To help you get started, we created a quick hit list of the top 5 things to think about to scale your contact center- now.

  1. Don’t overthink it
    • Time is wasting and calls are ramping hourly, there is no time to deliberate
    • Scale and expand to a virtual contact center solution within 24 hrs
    • Take advantage of what you know about customer inquiries regarding the virus
    • Be flexible and evolve quickly to meet the needs of customers
  2. Stick with existing processes
    • Do not recreate call flows and processes, use what you have and build upon it
    • Start with teams that can ramp up quickly with limited training
    • Route callers from existing PBX/ACD solutions to quickly expanded capacity
  3. Capitalize on new technology
    • Deploy an automated voice assistant or web chatbot to handle customer FAQ’s and provide basic information
    • Address the needs for remote workforces with WebRTC, USB headsets and a cloud-based contact center
    • Leverage Amazon Lex to create a natural conversation and self-service experience to help ease customer inquiries
  4. Be selective
    • Expand areas most critical for customer support first
    • Focus on key routing strategies when working with remote workers
    • Select a few high-demand areas to focus on (8-5 coverage or 24/7) for expansion and coverage
  5. Remain ‘customer first’ focused
    • Communicate early and often – don’t leave things open for interpretation
    • Inform customers of steps you are taking and when to expect more information
    • Provide proactive and critical updates via voice or SMS

Usage based solutions like Amazon Connect are designed to be nimble and immediately deployable in response to disaster scenarios with no licenses or long term contracts, WebRTC encrypted calls and no SIP or VPN requirements and virtual agents to answer FAQ's. Amazon Connect can be deployed within 24-48 hours to address call routing, self-service and remote agents to ensure your customers are getting the critical information they need to address concerns over the COVID-19 situation.

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